Helen Hart

We are thrilled to bring you a brand new series, ‘On The Couch’. Each week, the wonderful Jo from Cafe Mojo interviews one of our fabulous practitioners, allowing you to get to know each of us better and how we can support you. 

So, let’s get right into it…

Helen, it’s so wonderful to have you on the couch with me today. Please tell me what it is that you do?
I am the Owner of the Mundaring Wellness Centre, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Neuroscience Researcher, Reiki Master and Mindfulness Educator.
In my spare time, I’m a wife, mum to two gorgeous girls (their life revolves around dance) and one fluffy, woolly, ‘very manly’ white dog. 😉
What is it that lead you to what you do today?
I’ve always believed in magic and the power of our minds. When I was a kid, I dreamed of running away with the circus.  I spent a great majority of my life feeling anxious, depressed and feeling I didn’t ‘fit’ anywhere.  I struggled with chronic disease for many years. I tried everything conventional, and when that didn’t work, I ventured down an alternative path. 
I just wanted to feel better.  I wanted to feel alive. I wished for a life, full of purpose and happiness. Reiki and Hypnosis completely turned my life around.  I went from being sad, depressed and feeling hopeless about life, to being in the driver’s seat.  I now have a mountain of knowledge to share.  So now…I’m happy to say, I’m paying it forward!
I believe in the immense power of the human spirit.  We can endure so much and still pull through, to make our lives amazing.  It never ceases to amaze me; the incredible power of humankind, and our ability to overcome every obstacle, we think stands in our way. 
I’m certainly glad you didn’t run away with the circus and we are blessed to have you here with us at Mundaring Wellness Centre and Café Mojo every day. Helen, what are the most common misconceptions about what you do?
There are many misconceptions about what I do. Especially hypnosis. 
Probably the biggest misconception people have, is that I’ll control their minds.  Or make them do something they don’t want to do.  Mention hypnosis to just about anyone, and they’ll ask if I’ll make them cluck like a chicken. To set the record straight, I’ve have never made anyone cluck like a chicken or fall in lust with a mop!
I can’t read your mind, and it is not magic (although the results can feel like it). Your subconscious mind (the part you tap into during hypnosis), is your moral centre. Its job is to keep you safe and look after you. Therefore, you can’t be made do anything against your will or morals. You will not reveal anything under hypnosis, you do not wish to share.  I cannot access anyone’s private thoughts!  
It is impossible to get stuck in hypnosis. It is a naturally occurring state, we go into many times a day.
Hypnosis is a wonderful way to relax and make significant changes, quickly and easily.
Hypno means: relating to sleep (although technically you aren’t asleep, just relaxed). 
What weird food combinations do you like?
I love anything pickled or fermented, except pickled eggs, blerk! One of my all-time favorite food combinations is sardines with Worcestershire sauce. 
Helen, can you share with us a time when that you have taken a massive risk or leap of faith and how it worked out for you?
In my thirties, I realised some people liked office jobs.  I was under the misconception, absolutely everyone hated it as much as I did.  I suddenly realized, the hollow feeling inside me, wasn’t something I had to live with.  I took a massive leap of faith and enrolled in a Hypnosis Diploma. I gladly left my job as a Business Systems Trainer and set up my Hypnotherapy and Reiki business. It was the most terrifying and exciting thing I’d ever done. 
From the moment I started, I was hooked. I knew my life was changed forever. The void I’d previously felt, was filled with limitless possibilities.  My business continued to grow over the years.  I knew I wanted to give more and help more people.  I wanted to create a space where people could come, to feel supported and nurtured, without judgement of any kind. 
And as though by magic, good ‘ole divine timing stepped in. Mundaring Wellness Centre, where I ran my practice, came up for sale.  I knew it was meant to be.  I took a ‘Leap of Faith’. In hindsight, I was completely clueless. I had absolutely no idea what I was getting into.  It has been a baptism of fire! By far, the most challenging experience of my life.  Even more so, than heartbreak, travelling the world on my own, child birth, chronic disease, grief (in fact all those things put together).  It has challenged me in ways I didn’t even know existed.
Has it paid off?  Of course!
People come to the Mundaring Wellness Centre and they are nurtured, cared for and supported.  Exactly as intended.  I know this will grow and grow, as I am surround and supported by the most incredible people.  Our practitioners and therapists (and our support teams), Café Mojo and staff, and all our amazing clients and customers.  It really is the most wonderful environment to be part of. 
Through all the challenges, I am becoming a better version of me. My understanding, compassion for myself and others has grown by an infinite amount.  I can honestly say, I have never regretted taking any risks in my life.  Although stepping out of our comfort zones can seem completely terrifying at the time.  For me, they have always paid off.  Some might say “I’m just lucky”.  I say, “If we think we’re lucky, we are”.
That is beautiful. Can you tell us what unique skill (or party trick) you have?
Well…having the skill to lead someone into a hypnotic state is pretty cool. 

Finally, Helen where can we find more details and you and your offerings?
You can find more information on me by visiting the Practitioners Page or my own personal website. You can book in for a Reiki Healing or Hypnotherapy session by clicking here and you can show me some love on social media and follow what I am up to day to day by clicking the following links. FacebookInstagram.

Thank you Helen. It has been a pleasure getting to know you more.

Stay tuned for the next episode of On The Couch, coming soon.